Career Change

About Career change & transition

Career change involves disruption, and risk including emotional ups and downs. I have experience of navigating career changes myself during the past two decades of my professional life, and I can help you to focus on understanding what it takes to successfully reinvent yourself.

The most unsettling periods of my own life have been when I made a major career change, when that involved quitting my Corporate banking job, relocating from Lagos to London, and training as a Microsoft certified engineer or leaving the UK Export Finance Department to start my own business consultancy.

How to change careers

Here are some tips about what it takes to successfully relaunch your career.

  • Accept that no shortcuts exist and overnight successes simply don’t happen very often, so you need to be motivated.
  • Progress is much less about talent than it is about time, effort, commitment, and consistency so ensure you set benchmarks.
  • You have to believe you’re uniquely qualified because of your distinct background, so you need to work on your mindset..
  • As a career changer, invest extra time and effort in your career narrative so others can more easily connect the dots between your past experience and purpose

How to reach your goals

I can help guide you through this challenging period, and align career goals with your digital skills

  • We’ll start by determining your current digital skillset and how they align with your overall career goals.
  • We’ll determine benchmarks, allowing us to drive decision making.
  • Based on your goals, we’ll identify opportunities and training aligned with your desired outcome.
  • Finally, we’ll go through the process and reiteration, which will help you to reach your goals.

My Coaching Framework

My approach taken is the co-active coaching relationship, when change is produced from a combination of action and learning. I will help you to become more productive, find your window of opportunity and set your milestones. Working with your beliefs will help your behaviour to drive your feelings, maintain focus and drive you towards your Goals.

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Biography – Ade Awokoya

Ade Awokoya

My career spans across a breadth of sectors, with previous corporate positions at Chevron Inc, ICI Plc, Etex Group and Commerce Bank (Nigeria); Birlasoft Inc (USA) and UK Export Finance.

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