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LBA Digital is a place of teaching excellence, where you can feel at home while learning the digital skills that will help you thrive and achieve your career change objectives . What more can you ask for?

Courses to bridge the digital skills gap

LBA Digital is a place for  digital skills

Ade Awokoya Life Coaching supports founders with digital skills

LBA Digital is the Learning & Development portal that delivers training courses to improve Digital Skills for LBAcademy Ltd

A mission for digital inclusion by bridging the digital skills gap with an education innovation hub“.

Certified member of Social Enterprise UK

How do you measure Success?


Ade Awokoya had an ambitious target to change the lives of over 1000 students, when we opened in Oct 2020 ,


We have a one hundred percent commitment to ensure our students succeed, That’s how we can do the best job!


Year on year we’ll be working consistently to achieve our targets over the next 2 consecutive years.



The tailored courses allow you to give the time and attention necessary in order to succeed. We believe in keeping class numbers low to maximum learning potential.

Easy access

Each student has access to the best possible learning technologies, as well having guest classes from industry professionals. We believe this better prepares you for a career change.

Life Long Learning

I believe that equipping you with the digital skills to be able to learn for the rest of your life! By instilling a method of analytical thinking, we believe you are be able to make independent judgements and be high performers in your chosen career.

What others say

Ade provided support as a mentor while I was in Graduate School. When I was occupied in writing my dissertation for a Master’s degree, Ade was able to provide a framework within which I could organise and improve the workflow.

  • Omatsola Eyesan, Process Engineer

Ade volunteered to participate with our Young Black Men’s Mentoring programme. He is a consummate professional who has been enthusiastic in providing mentoring support and guidance to others.

  • John Bryson Head , L&Q Academy

Celebrate your achievements!

Still not Satisfied?

Why not set up a digital skills assessment with Ade and have a real-time discussion in a learning environment?

We will spend the time on our portal, where you’ll get a hands -on grip of the digital skills learning environment. Get in touch with me and find out how I can help fulfil your potential by enrolling at LBA Digital!

About Us

We are LBA Digital, a place of educational excellence.

We’ll equip you for your chosen field of study and careers with lifelong learning skills.


Email: info@lbacademy.org.uk

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